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Hola! Welcome to Playa Blanca!

Here's a little insight into our resort and what you can expect find and do when you stay in one of our Lanzarote Villas in Playa Blanca.

There are many activities on offer, from Camel riding and Tapas bars to Spanish linguistics-what ever your fancy, you’ll find something here.

Playa Flamingo Beach in Playa Blanca, Lanzaorte

Why not start at the promenade, which extends for a staggering 3 miles and bonds both sides of the resort, giving the best opportunity to take in the amazing sea views of Playa Blanca from the many sea front promenades and vars. Not to mention the superb Ocean views across the Bocaina Straits to Fuerteventura which you can take a trip to if you feel you need a change of island! 

Playa Blanca is renowned for its various awe-inspiring golden and black sandy beaches. The name ‘Playa Blanca’ itself means “White beach” which supports the fact that we are not the only ones who think the beaches here are breathtakingly memorable. You'll fall in love with Playa Blanca and Lanzarote's beaches, we promise!

As you can probably already tell, Playa Blanca is more Tranquil and sophisticated then its brothering Cities, Puerto Del Carmen, Arrecife and Costa Teguise.

Timanfaya National Park (Parque Nacional of Timanfaya) is an amazing piece of history that has miraculously transformed into a unique site. The parkland is made entirely of volcanic soil and at a depth of only 13 meteres can reach a temeprature of 600ºC; water is poured into the ground creating a geyser of steam, a thrilling specticle amongst all toursists! You can also enjoy the restaurant (where the food is cooked on the heat of the volcano!) souvenir shop and secure parking, for under 10 euros.

Playa Flamingo Beach in Playa Blanca, LanzaroteThe Marina Rubicon is an exclusive chic and glamorous Haven located in Playa Blanca. This ocean side development offers a range of shops, bars and attractions.

Why not enjoy in a voyage on the “Rubicat”, a sample of the good life! Aboard this luxurious Catamaran you’ll sail to Papagayo where you can then enjoy snorkeling and jet skiing in the crystal waters or indulge in some fine food and drink served on board.

No? Then why not take a trip to “La Ermita” an art gallery designed in the likeness of a traditional small island church and hosts a number of exhibitions in a beautifully serene and soothing ambiance.

Why not come and join us in Playa Blanca?

We have over 70 villas to rent in Lanzarote and we have some gorgeous villas in Playa Blanca.

Want more?

How about Car, Bike and Quad hire? Or various excursions like submarine trips, diving lessons, fishing and much more.


There are also more restaurants in and around Playa Blanca than you could ever imagine and just one visit to Playa Blanca won't be enough, but that’s ok - we’re pretty sure that you’ll want to return.


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